Swinton Park Wedding Photography – Fiona & Duncan

For Fiona & Duncan’s wedding at Swinton Park I was joined by good photographer buddy John Hope. Just to add to the pressure Leeds Wedding Photographer supremo Barnaby Aldrick was best man! No pressure to perform then!


I’ve been wanting to work with John at a wedding for a while now. I wanted to see how our very different styles would sit next to each other. I’ll let you be the final judge, but I think it went really well! Taking pictures of Barnaby however, now that is something else altogether!


I didn’t need to worry, Swinton Park is the perfect backdrop for a wedding and the weather was amazing for December. The moments happened all by themselves, John started with the boys and I headed to the girls, finishing the night off with a photo booth was the icing on the cake…


Swinton_Park_Wedding_0001 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0002 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0003 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0004 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0005 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0006 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0007 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0008 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0009 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0010 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0011 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0012 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0013 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0014 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0015 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0016 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0017 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0018 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0019 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0020 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0021 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0022 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0023 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0024 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0025 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0026 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0027 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0028 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0029 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0030 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0031 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0032 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0033 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0034 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0035 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0036 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0037 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0038 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0039 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0040 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0041 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0042 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0043 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0044 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0045 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0046 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0047 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0048 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0049 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0050 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0051 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0052 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0053 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0054 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0055 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0056 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0057 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0058 Swinton_Park_Wedding_0059


Great day! Very special. The highlight for me was hearing Barnaby sing/rap the end of his best man’s speech. Genius!

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  1. John Hope

    Cracking job Flash. A pleasure wingmanning it for ya!


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