Shropshire Wedding Photographer – Sophie & Graham

It was a true pleasure to return to my homeland of Shrewsbury, Shropshire to photograph Sophie & Graham's wedding. It was only 2 weeks before the wedding when they first contacted me. In that short time we also met in Leeds for the pre-shoot! Sometimes things are just supposed to be.

The weather was stunning, and the Shropshire countryside had never looked better. What a backdrop for a wedding! I lived in Yorkshire for a long long time, and the Dales are stunning. But there is something about Shropshire and Mid-Wales that I just find irresistible.

Sophie & Graham were lucky enough to have room for a marquee in the Garden of their family home, so that is where I met the bridal party. A stunning Jaguar E-Type was parked up outside ready to take Sophie to the Church. If you are going to have a classic wedding car, why not make it the best ever wedding car?

Wedding days don't get more summer than this...


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