PapaKata Tipi Wedding Photography – Faye & Sam

What could be more special than getting married at home? That is exactly what Faye & Sam did! And boy they did it in style. Having a PapaKata Tipi wedding is special where ever you have it, but if you are lucky enough to have it in your own back garden! Well that is extra special…


PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-001 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-002 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-003 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-004 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-005 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-006 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-007 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-008 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-009 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-010 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-011 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-012 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-013 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-014 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-015 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-016 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-017 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-018 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-019 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-020 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-021 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-022 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-023 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-024 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-025 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-026 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-027 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-028 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-029 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-030 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-031 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-032 PapaKata_Tipi_Wedding-033


I loved Faye’s whole look, just superb! It was an amazing day and I feel very lucky I was there to capture it.


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