Lizzy & Christopher – Carlton Towers Wedding Photographer

Ok, mega epic super awesome blog post warning! I think a larger than normal blog post was inevitable once I had spotted the Vera Wang hung up before Lizzy & Christopher’s wedding. Lizzy had planned the perfect day and has a real eye for detail, always a good thing to have when organising wedding. Carlton Towers was all set to host the special day, and the weather had even turned up on command!   I was joined by the ever awesome Stephen Gormley to make sure we captured every moment of the day. The flowers and styling were out of this worlds and was the careful creation of Emma at Beau Ideal. Halo by Hazel did hair & Makeup. I’ll let the pictures do the talking…   L&C-Wedding-0002_WEB L&C-Wedding-0004-2_WEB L&C-Wedding-0016_WEB L&C-Wedding-0031_WEB L&C-Wedding-0037_WEB L&C-Wedding-0061_WEB L&C-Wedding-0071_WEB L&C-Wedding-0074_WEB L&C-Wedding-0086_WEB L&C-Wedding-0102_WEB L&C-Wedding-0116_WEB L&C-Wedding-0119-2_WEB L&C-Wedding-0120_WEB L&C-Wedding-0126_WEB L&C-Wedding-0134_WEB L&C-Wedding-0137_WEB L&C-Wedding-0138_WEB L&C-Wedding-0144_WEB L&C-Wedding-0153_WEB L&C-Wedding-0156_WEB L&C-Wedding-0161-2_WEB L&C-Wedding-0162-2_WEB L&C-Wedding-0175_WEB L&C-Wedding-0178_WEB L&C-Wedding-0186_WEB L&C-Wedding-0212_WEB L&C-Wedding-0219_WEB L&C-Wedding-0223_WEB L&C-Wedding-0240_WEB L&C-Wedding-0250_WEB L&C-Wedding-0268_WEB L&C-Wedding-0278_WEB L&C-Wedding-0290_WEB L&C-Wedding-0300_WEB L&C-Wedding-0313_WEB L&C-Wedding-0322_WEB L&C-Wedding-0334_WEB L&C-Wedding-0337_WEB L&C-Wedding-0340_WEB L&C-Wedding-0341_WEB L&C-Wedding-0352_WEB L&C-Wedding-0358_WEB L&C-Wedding-0363_WEB L&C-Wedding-0386_WEB L&C-Wedding-0423_WEB L&C-Wedding-0487_WEB L&C-Wedding-0507-2_WEB L&C-Wedding-0579_WEB L&C-Wedding-0580_WEB L&C-Wedding-0586_WEB L&C-Wedding-0589_WEB L&C-Wedding-0594-2_WEB L&C-Wedding-0606-2_WEB L&C-Wedding-0607_WEB L&C-Wedding-0609_WEB L&C-Wedding-0610_WEB L&C-Wedding-0611_WEB L&C-Wedding-0634_WEB   Wow, what a wedding !!! And if that wash’t enough Lizzy & Christopher rocked out at the photobooth too…   L&C-Photobooth-54_WEB L&C-Photobooth-36_WEB L&C-Photobooth-21_WEB L&C-Photobooth-6_WEB L&C-Photobooth-12_WEB   If you want to see even more pictures you can checkout the highlights slideshow below…  

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  1. Karli Harrison

    Beautifully captured, and what stunning details! 🙂


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