Kirby Knowle Castle Wedding Photos – Rachel & Richard

Some people are just so lucky to be able to have their wedding in such amazing places. Rachel & Richard’s was no exception as they had organised their wedding reception to be at Kirby Knowle Castle, which is a private house and not normally a place open for a wedding reception. But it always helps to have the right sort of friend, I’ll let the pictures do the talking…


KirbyKnowleCastle-0001 Kirby Knowle Castle Kirby Knowle Castle KirbyKnowleCastle-0004 KirbyKnowleCastle-0005 KirbyKnowleCastle-0006 KirbyKnowleCastle-0007 KirbyKnowleCastle-0008 KirbyKnowleCastle-0009 KirbyKnowleCastle-0010 KirbyKnowleCastle-0011 KirbyKnowleCastle-0012 KirbyKnowleCastle-0013 KirbyKnowleCastle-0014 KirbyKnowleCastle-0015 KirbyKnowleCastle-0016 Kirby Knowle Castle KirbyKnowleCastle-0018 KirbyKnowleCastle-0019 KirbyKnowleCastle-0020 Wedding Flowers Wedding Flowers KirbyKnowleCastle-0023 KirbyKnowleCastle-0024 KirbyKnowleCastle-0025 KirbyKnowleCastle-0026 KirbyKnowleCastle-0027 KirbyKnowleCastle-0028


Wow, just Wow! What a place, and certainly one of the nicest marquees I’ve ever been in !!!


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