Kim & Tim – One Great George Street Westminster London Wedding Photography

To host their amazing wedding Kim & Tim picked One Great George Street in Central London, just a stones throw from Parliament Square. It’s the former Institution of Civil Engineers building, and is spectacular inside. I was also lucky to be joined by the amazing Tom Arber to make sure we captured every moment, Tom started with the boys…


K&T-Wed-0012_WEB K&T-Wed-0018_WEB K&T-Wed-0105_WEB K&T-Wed-0196_WEB K&T-Wed-0218-2_WEB K&T-Wed-0242_WEB K&T-Wed-0066_WEB K&T-Wed-0067_WEB K&T-Wed-0095_WEB K&T-Wed-0268_WEB K&T-Wed-0295_WEB K&T-Wed-0297_WEB K&T-Wed-0322_WEB K&T-Wed-0343_WEB K&T-Wed-0369_WEB K&T-Wed-0428_WEB K&T-Wed-0453_WEB K&T-Wed-0460_WEB K&T-Wed-0477_WEB K&T-Wed-0510_WEB K&T-Wed-0506_WEB K&T-Wed-0568_WEB K&T-Wed-0583_WEB K&T-Wed-0591-2_WEB K&T-Wed-0595_WEB K&T-Wed-0596_WEB K&T-Wed-0609_WEB K&T-Wed-0610_WEB K&T-Wed-0627_WEB

K&T-Wed-0536_WEB K&T-Wed-0613_WEB

K&T-Wed-0614-2_WEB K&T-Wed-0637-2_WEB K&T-Wed-0709_WEB


A truly spectacular day! I always find Central London a challenging place to work, but Kim & Tim (and all their guests) made it a pleasure.


I should also point out that Erika from Flutterfly Events did an amazing job of making sure everything ran to plan, everything was timed to perfection. A great Wedding Planner is worth their weight in gold !!!


Also a big thanks to Tom, worked like a trooper all day and captured some perfect moments !!!


You can see even more of Kim & Tim’s pictures in their slideshow below…



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