It’s Not All Weddings – Ilze’s Fitness Fashion Shoot

What does a wedding photographer when there are few weddings to photograph? They just become a photographer! And it's great! When I first started out I used to do shoots like this all the time, it's a fantastic way of testing out your new kit and picking up new skills. This is something I'd like to do more of, so if you have an interesting location or idea you'd like to do something different with then get in touch. Shoots like this are not about money but creativity. The ideas I work on in these shoots often finds it way into my wedding work.

I teamed up with Fitness Model Ilze, makeup artist Rachel Front and top video and SFX Guy Steven Langfield. We met in the freezing cold stairwell to a Martial Arts School in Leeds and set about creating some interesting images. I can't stress enough just how cold it was, Ilze was amazing and kept going all day. Such a trooper! Steve and I were experimenting with using smoke and colour lights, and you can see some video footage from that at the bottom of this page.

I was experimenting with a new Sony camera, some new portable studio flash lights and some RGB LED light panels. I was so happy with the results I ditched my camera system of 10 years and swapped entirely to the Sony system. As soon as it was available I swapped to the new Sony A7rIII, which is a real breath of fresh air after shooting Canon DSLR's for 10 years!

Fitness Fashion is not normally an area I work in. Ilze and Rachel came up with some fantastic looks and I'm really happy with the way some of these shots came out. My old alter-ego "Flash Matthews" came out to play for the day and all these shots have some kind of artificial light added. The long exposure green laser shot was an interesting one...

Fitness Model Ilze, location thanks to Wing Chun Online, Makeup Rachel Frost and video by Steven Langfield


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