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At the start of 2020, before all the lockdown was even thought of, I set myself 2 goals for the year. One was to return to Anglesey and photograph at the fabulous Church in the Sea again, and the other was to photograph at Hawkstone Hall. Little did I know then what a stretch it was going to be to achieve these two wedding goals! I set the goal for Hawkstone Hall Wedding Photography because I’m so local to it, I live only a few miles away in the town of Ellesmere. To have a stunning venue like this on my doorstep is a total dream!

So, when Jess & Ben got in touch well into the lockdown period to ask me to photograph their wedding at Hawkstone Hall, you can imagine how excited I was! They had at first organised a wedding of just 30 people, I had even picked my meal! But as the weeks went on they had to adjust their plans to 15 and finally settled on just 4 guests with them. I’ve done a few weddings like this now, and I have to say they are very enjoyable. Relaxed and at a easy pace there is lets of time for the couple to enjoy themselves, with the knowledge they get to do it all again at a big party once lockdown is over!

Having just a few guests gave me a lot more time with Jess & Ben that I would usually take at a wedding. This gave us time to jump in the golf buggy and explore the 22 acres of grounds they have at Hawkstone Hall. It really is a stunning corner of Shropshire and there are so many spots to choose from. We tried out a few ideas from Hollywood Lighting to a Smoke Machine! All great fun as you will see..

You can also enjoy a quick slideshow made of some highlights of Jess & Ben’s Hawkstone Hall Wedding…

Venue: Hawkstone Hall
Dress: Morilee by Madeline Gardner
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Hair & Makeup: The Salon Shrewsbury
Florist: White Wysteria


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