Country Wedding Marquee Photography – Laura & Andrew

I’m always a little bit nervous when there is another professional wedding photographer at a wedding, and especially so when it’s now of the bridesmaids! But within just a few minutes of arriving I think I blended into the chaos of 5 sisters getting ready for a wedding! Rebecca Honeywell is not only an awesome photographer but she also runs Honeywell Bakes who made all the cakes and delights to be found on the sweetie table, yumm yumm !!!

If you are organising your own Marquee Wedding then check out The Marquee Hire Guide to find all the best suppliers.

Soon all the nerves were forgotten and we all got on with a fab day…

Marquee_Country_Wedding_0001 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0002 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0003 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0004 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0005 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0006 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0007 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0008 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0009 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0010 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0011 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0012 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0013 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0014 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0015 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0016 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0017 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0018 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0019 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0020 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0021 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0022 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0023 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0024 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0025 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0026 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0027 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0028 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0029 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0030 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0031 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0032 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0033 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0034 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0035 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0036 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0037 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0038 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0039 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0040 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0041 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0042 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0043 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0044 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0045 Marquee_Country_Wedding_0046

If you are lucky enough to have your wedding marquee at home, you are in for a great time. Having your very own special wedding venue is a real treat.

A big thanks to all of the Honeywell clan, I was made to feel very welcome and it was great to be part of this special day.

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  1. Rebecca Honeywell

    Was such a fab day, thanks so much Cris for all the wonderful photos – such a great reminder of the day. Wish we could do it all again. Rosie’s turn to get married next!!


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