Charlotte & Johan’s Newburgh Priory / PapaKata TeePee Tent Wedding Photography

I love a PapaKata wedding, there is just something so nice about them. No matter what the weather the atmosphere is always great, just what you need for a wedding. Newburgh Priory made the perfect location for it too. I loved the owners relaxed, friendly and welcoming approach to letting people hold their wedding within their beautiful grounds.

Charlotte & Johan were very lucky, they had planned a wonderful day that even got me nearly crying at one point…


Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0001 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0002 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0003 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0004 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0005 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0006 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0007 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0008 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0009 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0010 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0011 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0012 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0013 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0014 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0015 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0016 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0017 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0018 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0019 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0020 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0021 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0022 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0023 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0024 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0025 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0026 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0027 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0028 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0029 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0030 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0031 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0032 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0033 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0034 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0035 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0036 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0037 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0038 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0039 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0040 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0041 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0042 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0043 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0044 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0045 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0046


So what got me almost to tears ??? The Speeches! Right at the end one of Johan’s Swedish Cousin’s jumped out of his seat and started singing. Then another cousin joined in, and another, and another. Wining a few minutes all the Swedish family were singing, clearly something they had practiced well, and they ended on “All you need is Love”. A truly special and unexpected moment! I went home with that warm wedding glow, which is what the whole thing is about really !!!


  1. Charlotte Kindesjo

    Cris – what fantastic guy to meet! We first met Cris in May this year for our pre-shoot. For people who hate having their photographs taken, Cris made us feel comfortable at all times. On our wedding day, it was lovely to see Cris and it felt as though he was a family friend. At our pre-shoot, we discussed with Cris that we wanted our photo’s not to be ‘staged’ but to be natural and he definitely achieved this on the day. We only had a few formal pictures and let Cris use his creativity in capturing the memories of our day. We are so pleased with our photographs, so much so that we have recommended Cris to all our friends and family.
    What an amazing guy and photographer.

    • admin

      Thank you so much for the kind words Charlotte, so glad you are happy. It was a great day! Cris.


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