Charlotte & Dan – Rumbolds Farm Wedding Photography

Charlotte had put a lot of effort into her amazing summer wedding at Rumbolds Farm! It was the most perfect summer’s day for her and Dan to start their new lives together. It was lovely to catch up with a couple of familiar faces too, always great when that happens.

The day was relaxed and fun, I think this comes across in the pictures really well. The setting of Rumbolds Farm was perfect to create this atmosphere and all the guests were having a ball on the lawn before the wedding breakfast. I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking, but any wedding that has a Jag Mk II (my favourite!) can’t go wrong in my opinion…

Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0001 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0002 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0003 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0004 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0005 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0006 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0007 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0008 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0009 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0010 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0011 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0012 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0013 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0014 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0015 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0016 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0017 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0018 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0019 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0020 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0021 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0022 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0023 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0024 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0025 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0026 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0027 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0028 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0029 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0030 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0031 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0032 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0033 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0034 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0035 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0036 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0037 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0038 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0039 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0040 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0041 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0042 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0043 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0044 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0045 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0046 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0047 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0048 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0049 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0050 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0051 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0052 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0053 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0054 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0055 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0056 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0057 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0058 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0059 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0060 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0061 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0062 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0063 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0064 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0065 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0066 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0067 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0068 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0069 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0070 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0071 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0072 Rumbolds_Farm_Wedding_0073


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