Brooke & Jonathan – Humberside Wedding Photography

Yep, this was always going to be a good one! Brooke and Jonathan were lucky enough to have the run of the grounds at a stunning private house in the Humberside area of East Yorkshire to host their wedding. Beautiful summers day, and one of the best dressed marquees I’ve seen!

Every element had been carefully picked and created by Brooke, it was all very much perfect! Atlas Brookings (a true mentalist) was on hand to entertain the guests. I’m not the sort of guy who believes in magic, but Atlas certainly wowed me with a mind reading trick, be careful what you think of around this man! My heavily pregnant wife Nicola jumped in at the last minute to cover 2nd shooting detail, always nice to have her along! And in case you were wondering who supplied the awesome LOVE letters go see Typical Type.

I’m going to let the pictures do the talking from here. As there is not much else I can add other than Wow… scroll to the bottom of the pictures to see their wedding video too…

Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-1 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-3 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-4 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-6 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-7 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-8 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-9 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-10 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-12 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-13 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-15 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-16 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-18 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-19 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-20 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-21 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-2 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-22 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-24 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-25 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-26 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-27 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-28 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-30 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-31 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-33 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-34 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-36 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-37 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-38 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-39 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-41 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-42 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-43 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-44 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-46 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-47 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-49 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-50 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-51 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-52 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-53 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-54 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-55
Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-57 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-58 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-59 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-62 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-63 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-64 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-65 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-66 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-67 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-68 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-69 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-70 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-72 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-73 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-75 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-76 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-78 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-80 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-81 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-82 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-83 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-84 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-85 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-87 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-88 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-89 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-90 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-91 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-92 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-93 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-94 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-95 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-96 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-97 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-99 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-100 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-102 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-103 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-104 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-105 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-107 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-108 Brooke&Jonathan-Wedding-110

The most excellent Sarah MacVean Videography was on hand to capture the day on film too…


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