Blists Hill Ironbridge Gorge Shropshire Wedding Photography

I’ve been coming to Blists Hill and the other Ironbridge Gorge Museums for as long as I can remember. So it was fantastic to hear that my brother Nick had arranged his wedding to his new wife Laura at The Forest Glen within the Museum. They had actually got married in San Francisco earlier in the year but they also wanted the chance to celebrate with a bigger group of friends and family.

The weather was cracking! What a day! Being a Wedding Photographer I wasn’t turning up empty handed, I was always going to take some pictures so here are a few I took between drinks and organising the fireworks…

For the past 6 years Nick and I have run a Firework Display business together, imaginatively called Matthews Brothers Pyro. We have got used to putting on shows for other peoples weddings and there was no way we were going to let this occasion slip by without fireworks! The first 3 tracks Nick knew about, but I wanted to do something special for them both and I think you can actually see on the video the exact moment he realises something good is about to happen…

Wedding Fireworks by Matthews Brothers Pyro Ltd


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