The world of Photography and Videography are slowly coming together, and as I have posted before Rob Booker and I shot our first full on video only wedding a few weeks back. The end result has taken me a little longer than I had originally planned but finally it’s ready.

We were lucky as Natalie & David had picked an amazing setting for their wedding. Allerton Castle provided a warm and welcoming backdrop to a very special day. We had two Canon 5D Mk II’s and a spanking new 7D in our camera bag along with a variety of new toys to try out. The new breed of DSLR camera do an amazing job of picking up the warmth in the low light of the main hall, check it out below…

I have chosen to go with a soundtrack of music I heard throughout the day. The Irish music at the beginning is played by two lovely girls from Folk’d Up Music, who were playing at the entrance to the church. The choir is an actual recording of them warming up beforehand. It seems such a shame to loose these details.

Natalie had picked a very classic and clean look for the wedding, so the edit is in a simple and elegant style, which does somewhat buck the current trend. I did try several different options, but it lost the feel of the day somewhat. I’d welcome any feedback or thoughts you might have 🙂

If you are interested in having us come and film your wedding, please get in touch.