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Lara's Quick Winter Light Baby/Toddler Photo Shoot

8 months ago Nicola and I welcomed little Lara into the world, it's been a busy summer for me but Nicola has been taking pictures as she grows (quickly!!!). We went for a little walk to Kikstall Abbey yesterday, which is just a short distance from where we live. We just caught the sun going down and the light was lovely. So I thought I would make a change fr[...]

Working With Kids, But Luckily Not Animals

Last Sunday I had the chance to shoot 3 kids I am quite familiar with. I had prepared for the worst but I have to say all 3 were very well behaved, and we all had lots of fun. It's the first time I have taken pictures of Harrison and Layton, but Megan is quite used to me taking pictures of her as it's something I've done since she was born. I think all 3 ma[...]