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Wedding Pre-Shoots (or Engagement Shoots) - Why Bother?

So what on earth is the wedding pre-shoot you see listed on my (and most other pro-photographers) website all about then?   Is it just a gimmick added to pad out a price list? Is it essential that I do one, and am I being ripped off if it's an expensive extra? What do we do? How do I maximise the experience? I just want good wedding photos, why do [...]

Beth & Gareth - Pre-Shoot

I don't think I'm going to get the chance to blog all the pre-shoots that I am doing at the moment, but I thought I would share Beth & Gareth's with you. We met them up at Beth's parents place near Harrogate and went for a walk in the woods behind their house. It was a lovely spot and we got some great shots... I love this one :)   &nb[...]

Vicky & Andrew - Manchester Christmas Markets Wedding Photography ???

Yes that's right, wedding photography at the Manchester Christmas Markets!!! Well, to be truthful a pre-shoot with Vicky & Andrew ahead of their wedding at Heaton House Farm in February. It's an idea that I've had for a while now, here is how we got on... So here we are at the entrance to the markets, nothing had quite prepared me for how busy it was![...]

Nicola & Alex - Manchester Castlefields Pre-Shoot

I met up with Nicola & Alex for their pre-shoot in the Castlefields area of Manchester. This is a fantastic part of Manchester and one used by a lot of photographers, and for good reason. Within a short walk there are a massive number of locations, almost too many! It was a typical Manchester summers day, grey but bright, and we set off in search. I lik[...]

Louise & Geoff - Pre Shoot

After a very brief tourist's guide to Liverpool, and by brief I mean driving down Penny Lane with some most excellent pointing by Geoff, we headed over to Sefton Park to have a walk, a chat and to take a few pictures. Louise had already pointed out that Geoff loves having his picture taken, but she was a little nervous herself. Without reason I have to say. [...]

Louisa & JP - Pre Shoot

I've known Louisa & JP for about 6 years now, and I was delighted when they asked me to photograph their wedding later this year. Even though I've known them for so long it's not really been from behnd the lens so we set out on a very hot and sunny day for a walk up to the Pigeon Tower starting at Rivington Hall Barn for a pre shoot. We hadn't walked m[...]

Melissa & Matt - eShoot for a Bolton Abbey Wedding

When we were rained out on our first attempt we weren't down hearted, Melissa & Matt knew that if we timed it just right the woods behind Melissa's parents house would come alive and put on a display I haven't since, well ever I think! See what I mean? Pretty amazing eh! This is just a view of a small part of it, the more you walk the more there seems[...]

Laura & Steve - eShoot

Last Saturday we spent a couple of hours in a Manchester park with Laura & Steve. They had booked me over the phone as they live all the way down South, so we grabbed the chance to take some pictures when they were visiting some friends up our way. The idea of these pre-shoots (or eShoots if you are a bit trendy) are to give us the chance to get to know [...]

A Great Weekend

I've been a busy boy over the past few days, and before I start editing all the pictures I thought I'd share a few I spotted during my back up process. Nicola and I started our long weekend on Friday photographing Mike & Heathers Wedding at Stanley House... The weather turned out to be just about perfect, it was sunny to start out and nice and moody [...]

Heather & Mike - Engagement Shoot

Tomorrow I'm off to the wonderful Stanley House in Mellor, Lancashire to photograph Mike & Heather's wedding. They have been a great help to me as I developed new ideas and allowed me to use them as a guinea pig for several things. You can see the results over at their Wedding Website which is now part of the standard package I offer to all my wedding cl[...]