The Many Faces Of.....

I had a really busy week last week, and I have another this week too. I am well underway with Lorna & Dave's Wedding and ideas are starting to come together for Natalie & Dave's Wedding Video (watch out for a trailer soon!!!). It feels good to be busy :) I found some time today to work on an idea I shot the other week with Stef. Taken from an idea I[...]

Lorna & Dave - eShoot

I have a busy weekend ahead of me, starting today shooting my first wedding video (no stills!) for Natalie & Dave and them tomorrow shooting Lorna & Dave's wedding. I'm all prepped and ready to go, but I thought I would share a few pictures before I set off. I met Lorna & Dave just over a year ago and we shot these pictures in a park in Manchest[...]

The Wonderful World of Photography

Photography increasingly, for me at least, is all about the challenge of delivering not just what is expected but seeing past that and your own ability to try and get to the next plain of understanding. It has now been a year since I left my lucrative career and begun this trip. I thought I'd share just a few images I have taken over the past year and offer [...]

An Experiment Gone Right For Once

This afternoon didn't quite turn out as I had planned and I found myself with a few hours to play about with Final Cut Pro. There is a dark art to editing video and it is something I am very much still trying to learn. About a month ago now I joined the 3B Media boys down at the Temple Works near Leeds centre for another day of flash experimentation and fun[...]

Always Worth The Second Look

One of the things I find so fascinating about photography is what different people see in each picture. A shot I would have discarded is often someone else's favourite from the shoot. Today the ever wonderful Katy paid me a visit to go over some photographs we had shot together a couple of weeks ago. Towards the end of that day I had taken some pictures of [...]

Food Glorious Food...

I think it's always good to try a new challenge and do work that offers you something a little different. When Nina asked me to go along and do some food photography for Gusto's Restaurant in Keighley I knew I would be in for a treat. It was a hard task, picking all the items that looked fantastic on the menu, watching the chef create them, photographing the[...]

Bridal Fashion Shoot - All Hands To The Deck!

For a while now I have followed the work of Damien Lovegrove and Chris Hanley and have always liked Chris' Cherish the Dress idea. It's kind of the opposite to the American idea of trash the dress. It got me thinking about how I could do something like this for my clients and how I could put my own slant on it. So I set up a days shooting at the Alea Casino[...]

Nadia & Nick - 2nd Shooting with The Booker

A couple of weeks back photographer extraordinaire and all round top bloke Rob Booker invited me along to 2nd shoot at Nadia & Nick's Wedding. The setting was the lovely Haworth, and there was a vintage theme running through the day. Check out Rob's blog for more, but here are a few I like from my set... Big thanks to Rob for the invite, the[...]

Sarah & Chris' Wedding - 22nd August 2009

Well, welcome to my new blog. I will be spending the next few weeks catching up with recent shoots etc... but for my first EVER blog post I thought I would share some pictures I took recently at Sarah and Chris' Wedding. We all had a fantastic day, and as you will see from the Video Diary and pretty fantastic evening too. Sarah and Chris had picked the pe[...]