Caroline & Anthony - Wedding

A couple of weeks back Nicola and I took a trip over to Crewe Hall to photograph Caroline and Anthony's fantastic wedding, I've been so busy there hasn't been much time to update the blog, but I have a free day today so I thought I would share some of the images we captured on the day... To make the day extra special Caroline's Mum had made her dre[...]

Creating The Magic

Sometimes as a Photographer you are asked to, how do I put this, improve on reality. Sometimes you just want to create the image in the camera that gives the viewer a better sense of what is really there. Recently we photographed Caroline & Anthony's Wedding at the magnificent Crewe Hall. I always like to take an external shot of the venue at night and I[...]

Shooting Fashion

Last week I help out my good photography buddy Barnaby Aldrick on a fashion shoot he was doing for The Leeds Guide Magazine. A fun time was had by all, and he has kindly put up a lovely picture of me doing my thing on his blog... Yea, that's me on the right. And before you ask it's already gone on the fridge!!! Check out Barnaby's Blog for the low down.

Working With Kids, But Luckily Not Animals

Last Sunday I had the chance to shoot 3 kids I am quite familiar with. I had prepared for the worst but I have to say all 3 were very well behaved, and we all had lots of fun. It's the first time I have taken pictures of Harrison and Layton, but Megan is quite used to me taking pictures of her as it's something I've done since she was born. I think all 3 ma[...]

A Winter Wonderland with Katy

Two blog posts in one day!!! I must be mad!!! I am lucky enough to live just around the corner from aspiring model and top Hair & Makeup Artist Katy, and we both found ourselves with little to do this afternoon so we popped just around the corner to our local park to have some fun in the snow. We then came back here for a nice cup of tea to warm ourselv[...]

Good Tidings To One & All

On Sunday we photographed Kate & Mark's Wedding, they couldn't have wished for a more wintery wedding. The photograph above gives you an idea to the volume of snow that fell throughout the whole morning and continued during the ceremony. It didn't hamper the day in any way, everything ran to plan and everyone had a fantastic time. Expect more pics soon[...]

Wonderful Winter Weddings

This was the view from my office window this morning, not the most epic winter scene I know but there are worse views in Leeds :) A brisk walk up the hill to the Post Office confirmed it was bloody freezing, and a day at home editing pictures and playing around with websites was looking rather appealing. A couple of weeks ago Nicola and I shot Mike &[...]

A Great Weekend

I've been a busy boy over the past few days, and before I start editing all the pictures I thought I'd share a few I spotted during my back up process. Nicola and I started our long weekend on Friday photographing Mike & Heathers Wedding at Stanley House... The weather turned out to be just about perfect, it was sunny to start out and nice and moody [...]

Heather & Mike - Engagement Shoot

Tomorrow I'm off to the wonderful Stanley House in Mellor, Lancashire to photograph Mike & Heather's wedding. They have been a great help to me as I developed new ideas and allowed me to use them as a guinea pig for several things. You can see the results over at their Wedding Website which is now part of the standard package I offer to all my wedding cl[...]

Natalie & David - A Wedding Story

The world of Photography and Videography are slowly coming together, and as I have posted before Rob Booker and I shot our first full on video only wedding a few weeks back. The end result has taken me a little longer than I had originally planned but finally it's ready. We were lucky as Natalie & David had picked an amazing setting for their wedding. A[...]