Abi & Jon - Meols Hall

Wedding Photography


Abi & Jon’s wedding, what do I say? A day of surprises, for me and the guests I think. I turned up at the Hotel in the morning and was greeted with the busiest bridal prep room I think I have ever seen, and it was non-stop from there on in. Meols Hall was full of flowers, Abi runs her own florist Bouquet Chic. The flowers were awesome!


On my schedule it just said “Air Show” at one point in the afternoon, I had no idea what to expect by boy was it the most amazing thing I’ve seen at a wedding…



Urmmmmmm yes he did really draw a massive heart in the sky !!! (May have had to help a little with the wind, but it was flown PERFECTLY!). One of the most memorable and scary things I’ve ever seen at a wedding! Top job to Abi & Jon for pulling off a fabulous day!